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Your Next $1K is not currently open for enrollment.
(Enrollment opens a few times each year.)

The doors will reopen on September 29-30 2021

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Many holistic nutritionists and health coaches tell me...

  • It's HARD to get paying clients
  • They hate social media but don't think they can get clients any other way
  • They don't know where to start and don't want to waste time (so they end up doing nothing)
  • They don't know their niche yet (or it's not one that will pay for help)
  • They're scared to get too busy with their business and be pulled away from their family and other priorities
  • Getting their website and tech set up is too overwhelming
  • They're really good at helping their friends for free but feel bad charging people
  • They need to get another certification first so they can be more of an expert
  • They feel disappointed and doubt themselves when things don't show results immediately
  • The people coming to them can't afford to pay premium prices
  • They're just not good at the "business side" of things
  • As their own boss, they're too lenient with themself and don't stick to their schedule to get sh*t done
  • Secretly, they fear getting clients because if those clients don't get results it will be their fault

If any of that resonates with YOU, you're in the right place.

I started out as a business owner at age 22 selling real estate before I had even purchased a house, myself.

It was a baptism by fire, let me tell you.

I was in way over my head.

But I figured it out. I became the kind of person who didn't stop when fear was screaming at me to quit.

As a result, I sold hundreds of houses and opened my own brokerage with 15 agents working in my company by the age of 26.

When I opened my holistic nutrition practice almost a decade later, after working as an entrepreneur solely on commission since age 22, I knew this:

You don't have a business until you have paying clients. Period.

And you don't have paying clients until you learn how to market yourself and sell to the people who need your help.

That process is the foundation of the entire Your Next $1K Program.

"Andrea's simple step by step method enabled me to successfully launch and make my first $1K in less than two months. She gave me the tools and the confidence that I needed to make it happen and now I'm growing a thriving community and doing work that I love.

I honestly want to shout about Your Next $1K from the rooftops! It literally changed my life and what's possible for me in my business. Worth every penny of my investment! "

Talei L.

Is Your Next $1K Right For You?

Your Next $1K is the only business program you need to grow your holistic nutrition practice to $100K+ in revenue.

You'll get there $1000 at a time.

Once you have learned the skill of making $1000 consistently, by following the Repeatable Revenue Process, the road to a six figure+ business you love is just a matter of rinse and repeat.

You start to go faster and faster. It gets even easier and simpler.

Many people make their next $1K just from watching the Start Here introduction module, even if they're completely starting from scratch.

And you can, too. You can start TODAY.

Your Next $1K Is Perfect For You If:

  • You have a nutrition or health coaching practice and you want to make it profitable and sustainable
  • You want to learn the skills to become a profitable, efficient business owner, instead of an employee
  • You want to know exactly what to sell and how to price your offers at each stage of growth in your business
  • You want to start feeling like you're marketing your business, not yourself or your own worthiness (this is a sneaky one!)
  • You're ready to learn how to market and sell so you never have to stress about finding clients and you're consistently making they money you want each month
  • You want to know what marketing strategies to focus on right now so you're not wasting time posting on social media and only hearing crickets
  • You want to become a master at time management and only doing tasks in your business that make money and create value for your clients (instead of working all day/week/month on busy work with nothing to show for it)
  • You want to create a simple, automated system for clients to find you that allows technology to work for you and not be a roadblock
  • You're fed up with social media "engagement strategies" and want to learn how to grow your biz off of social media

Your Next $1K is a very high-touch program.

It's not just another DIY online course that you'll abandon halfway through to invest in something else.

As soon as you join you’ll receive immediate access to everything. (No waiting for modules to unlock.)

Once you’re in the program, you’re in – for life. You’ll have access to the course and live coaching for as long as it is available and all future updates and additional content added is included free of charge.


There are 4 Components to the Program:

  1. The 4-Stage $1K Process
  2. Live Events + Coaching
  3. The Lounge
  4. Bonuses

You'll never be left behind wondering what to focus on next because the Repeatable Revenue Process inside the program takes into consideration every single roadblock your brain will throw at you in each stage of growth up to $100K, and shows you exactly how to solve it.

  • Decide How You Will Show Up As A Badass CEO
  • Decide On Your Niche (Or No Niche)
  • Decide On Your Easy Yes Offer (That Your Clients' Can't Resist)
  • Decide Your Pricing + Sales Strategy
  • Decide What Is Necessary For Your Clients' Results
  • Decide To Become Great With Time Management (Total Calendar Mastery)
  • How To Sell Anything to Anyone
  • How To Make Your Next $1K
  • How To Create Your Unique Sales Process
  • How To Speak Directly To Your Perfect Clients
  • How To Evaluate + Tweak Your Sales Process
  • How To Set + Accomplish Your Big Annual Revenue Goal
  • Audit: Making Sure Your Growth Is Sustainable
  • How To Get Your Clients Results Every Time
  • Choosing Easiest Clients Over Hardest Clients
  • How To Sell More While Creating Less "Content"
  • Creating Simple Processes For Best Client Experience + Revenue Growth
  • Tech 101: Making Your Simple Website That Converts


  • The $100K Mindset: Constraint = Cash
  • Avoiding The $100K Quicksand (Scaling!)
  • When To Raise Your Prices
  • The Superthinking Process For Accelerated, Sustainable Growth
  • When / What To Start Outsourcing + How To Outsource On A Budget

Along with access to the complete Repeatable Revenue Process outlined above, which you can complete at your own pace, you have LIVE coaching every single week to get strategy and clarification on anything that is keeping you stuck.

Sometimes you need another pair of eyes to look at your decisions and sales process.

The coaching inside Your Next $1K is group-style, which means you get the benefit of being coached on your exact questions in the hot-seat, or you can apply the coaching other members receive to your business. Show up live or watch the call replays. It's totally up to you.

You now have access to a community of peers who have made lots of money in the exact business you have, and speak the same language.

The members-only community component of Your Next $1K is called The Lounge, it's NOT on Facebook, and it's filled with like-minded peers having massive success in building their health and wellness practice just like you.

There's no complaining, no whining, and no noisy chatter about how hard it is to get clients. (aka every free Facebook group full of practitioners that aren't actually making money or working with clients.)

You have biz besties, now. The Lounge is full of them.

Don't spend your next post-yoga class coffee date with your real-life BFF trying to explain email broadcasts and getting feedback on your pricing. She loves you and wants to help, but let's be honest; she doesn't get it.

Your new crew inside The Lounge can talk email funnels and launching strategies with you, because they've actually done them. They get it. You have a tribe that can actually help when you need it.

If the Repeatable Revenue Process is the cake, these Bonuses are the icing.

They are the "extras" that will take you deeper towards mastering a skill in your business so you can make more money and impact more clients with even more fun and ease.

For example, you do not need a website to make $100K in your practice. It's not necessary if you're following the Repeatable Revenue Process, which is a huge relief if technology is your nemesis...

...But you probably want one, anyway. Even if it isn't mandatory. For that reason, I've included the Simple Website In A Weekend bonus course that will help you create an easy, simple website that converts window shoppers into ecstatic clients in just a few hours.

(That's just one example of the exclusive bonuses you have as part of Your Next $1K.)

The Bonus courses and trainings are waiting for you whenever you're ready. You have lifetime access, so there's no rush to frost the cake, so to speak.

"Andrea is an amazing coach and I feel so thankful that the Universe aligned us! When I first started taking her training, I would repeatedly say, "Thanks for the therapy session". She knows exactly what goes on in our brains and helps us work through it to make forward progress.

The best piece of advice she gives is to not make yourself have to know everything or have everything done in order to start making money. In fact, building my mentorship a week at a time has ended up being the very best thing I could have done...because it has allowed me to listen to my members and provide them what they need when they need it! I'm so thankful to Andrea; my guide to building the freedom I've always wanted!"

Dani H.

The investment for Your Next $1K is a one-time payment of $3000.

You'll have immediate lifetime access to the entire program, including all future updates, workshops, trainings and coaching. Everything.

You'll make your $3000 investment back or I'll give it back to you.

Even if you don't have your niche figured out, yet.

Even if you don't know exactly how you're going to replace your corporate income, yet.

Even if you don't have a website or program created, yet.

Even if you haven't had any paying clients, yet.

If you want to learn how to SELL and SERVE more in your practice, it's time to start right now.

We're not waiting until everything is perfect, because it never is.

You get started where you're at right now. I'll show you how.

Your people are waiting for you to help them, and they WANT to buy now. Don't make them wait.

100% Results Guarantee

After learning and implementing the content and resources in Your Next $1K, if you haven't made your investment back I will refund your purchase. For the full results guarantee policy, click here.

Commit to the process. Apply the simple steps.
Go slow or go fast; it's all up to you.

Make your $3000 back or I'll give it back to you.

Your Next $1K is not currently open for enrollment.
(Enrollment opens a few times each year.)

The doors will reopen on September 29-30 2021

Join The Waitlist

"I have learned that building a business doesn’t have to be complicated. Start where you are with what you have and build as you go.

Starting a business at the start of a global pandemic no one would have blamed me if I quit. The thing about Andrea is she gives such honest, clear and reliable steps that you almost can't help but keep moving forward. With Andrea as my guide I was able to stop coming from a place of insecurity and get brave in my abilities and my message.

Potential clients picked up on this shift and I was able to go from $0-1k months quite quickly. In the year since starting this program I am now averaging $3k months. Let the record state this is WHILE working a full time day job! This month I have officially quit that day job and am starting 2021 as a full time entrepreneur! Thanks Andrea! I am a fan for life!"

Kyra O.


Inside Your Next $1K we're creating freedom.

We are building businesses that fund full-time travel and adventure.

Businesses that fund choices about how we spend our time, what schools our kids attend, and what location we're going to work from this month.

Our businesses fund choices about whether or not to continue that "day job".

We're building businesses that change the health and healing of entire families with the results our clients are getting.

Future generations will be forever impacted by the ripple effect of the work we're doing and the value we're creating.

Along the way, we're building businesses that "retire" husbands and pay for dream homes on Kauai.

Freedom to decide what we want.

We're creating Income AND Impact.

Not OR. It doesn't have to be one or the other.

We don't have to apologize for our big goals.

That's just one of the things we're NOT doing.

We're also not spending 3 months "deciding" on our niche, only to change it again 3 months after that because the clients didn't magically appear from a few half-assed social media posts.

We're not scrolling IG checking out what our colleagues are selling, how they're pricing their services, and indulging in compare and despair when we see their success.

We're not procrastinating about writing the weekly email we have on today's to-do list because we're not feeling motivated.

We write that email because someone needs to hear what we have to say. It's necessary.

That's where motivation comes from; being needed.

We don't buy every course or training that comes out thinking it's the magic one that will finally teach us the shortcut tactic for making money in our biz without actually requiring some effort and discomfort.

In fact, we like doing things that require some effort and discomfort. Some grit. Some new skills.

We're crazy like that.

Maybe you're crazy like that, too.

"Andrea gave me the framework I needed to prioritize the things that would actually make me money in my nutrition business, and ditch the rest (simplify!).

She also helped me overcome my biggest mindset blocks, so I felt confident enough to stop trading time for dollars, raise my prices, and create recurring revenue in my business."

Lexie S.

Frequently Asked Questions

"I just finished the “start here” module in Your Next $1K and all I gotta say is A-MAZ-ING!!! I’m a stage 1er and am excited to go through the next module and decide, take action, and evaluate!

Love how you’ve approached this program and the content is fabulous and super helpful right out of the gate as I knew it would be. Thanks for all you do, and appreciate the gentle but firm push for me to move forward and not hold back like I’ve been doing."

Lori L.

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