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founder of Build A Profitable Practice and creator of the Profitable Practice Inner Circle...

...and I'm completely unemployable.

Kind of a weird intro? 


But totally accurate, let me tell ya.

I have had an interesting journey from 22 year old newbie real estate agent trying to figure out how to pay my bills from sporadic commission check to commission check to becoming an accidental Nutritional Therapy Practitioner running my entire practice online via online courses, group programs, and memberships. 

(More about that story below if you're's twisty and turny and I screwed up a lot. Which always makes for the best comeback, am I right?!)

I think that kind of "gotta figure this out or it's bologna sandwiches and I'm definitely more of a grass-fed roast beef kind of girl" attitude has pushed me to figure out how to make my nutrition practice profitable in a different way than the status quo, just like I did with my real estate career 15 years ago. 

The thing is, it's super simple. (Not easy, but simple.)

And now I get to teach other ambitious and talented practitioners how to do the exact same thing:

Create a PROFITABLE business with predictable, consistent, recurring monthly income you can count on so you can impact more clients and do the work you truly love.

(Because maybe you ARE EMPLOYABLE! And this whole entrepreneur thing is freaking you out because you want the structure and stability of predictable income!)

If that's the case, I'm so glad you're here, because you can absolutely do both. 

Be the boss and have the stability. 

And massively impact and improve the lives of your clients at the same time. Yaaaaassssss!

So if that's speaking your language, stick around. You didn't end up here by accident. 

Maybe you're here out of curiosity. In that case, poke around! 

Perhaps you're here because you need some direction in your business. Great! Maybe there's something here that's perfect for you.

Or get in touch directly and let's get a discussion going about helping you solve whatever's got you stumped.

Before we get too much further, I suppose I should give you a little more info about me. But only the really important stuff.


  • Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker

  • Sociology - Law, Criminology & Deviance BA from the University of Minnesota (Go Gophers!)

  • Graduate of the MN School of Bartending (Seriously.)

  • 3+ years of sales experience selling Red Wing work boots & driving a Holiday Inn shuttle van (Just covering all the bases, here.)

  • Small-time-back-alley black jack dealer and moderately accurate card counter (I used to be really fun.)

  • Core Tendency: REBEL all the way
  • Enneagram Type 8w7 (I'm like a really fun communist dictator.)
  • Top Strengths: Futuristic, Strategic, Focus, Activator, Significance (See why I'm unemployable? I think I was made to sell vacuums door to door.)


And you’re still reading, God Bless You, so how about we cut to the chase and I tell you a little bit about my messy journey and how I found myself writing these words to you? 

Spoiler: It involves the FBI, card counting, and I swear sometimes. I also still eat gluten, so if that’s a deal breaker you may want to just close this browser window.

Still here? 

I knew I could trust you with that dirty little secret. You’re a good friend.




The real mental shitstorm that’s relevant to this tale took place in early 2016, but to understand why it was such a monumental WTF Moment I’ll have to bring you back a bit further...


In 2005, as a fresh college grad (Go Gophers!), I used my shiny new liberal arts degree to its fullest potential and started selling real estate. 


Ok, to be fair, I intended to apply to the FBI Academy but had to wait until I was 23, so I had some time to kill. And selling houses, which I had zero experience in aside from the fact that I had lived in houses, seemed like a great plan.


Note the thought process here, which will become somewhat of a theme as this story takes off: Look around at what everyone else is doing and what makes the most sense, then do the exact opposite.


Salary? That sounds nice. But I’ll enter a commission-only profession I have no experience with, instead. #rebeltendency


And so it began. I worked my newbie tail off to get clients, figured out how to actually convert them into the kind that produced a paycheck instead of being an unpaid chauffeur every night and weekend, and I got some momentum.


Full disclosure: I was also 23 at this point, single and ready to mingle at 10pm when the party was getting started, so I had plenty of time most evenings and weekend days to show houses and meet clients. (The FBI academy was a distant memory when those commission checks started rolling in.)


Seems like a pretty sweet gig, right? I drove a fancy car and could afford professional bikini waxes, which seemed like a fair trade for all my waking hours.


Well, times they were a-changin’, because by the time I was 26, married, and expecting our first baby, those nights and weekends weren’t exactly free anymore.


And honestly, I was burned out.


So I did what any rational, hormonal, pregnant woman would do in the midst of the worst recession and real estate crash our nation had seen in several lifetimes: I got my Broker’s license and opened my own Real Estate Brokerage!


Yep, there’s the theme of zigging when everyone else is zagging, again. 


What happened over the next 3 years was basically a personal development seminar on 10x speed. There were highs, there were lows, and there was a whooooole lot of personal growth.


I learned all about marketing, time management, people management, how to keep my agents from getting sued, how to tune out the constant whispers of self-doubt in my head (more on that in a bit…) and most of all, how to create a business that served me.


Because the HUGE shift that occurred during this time was that I stopped taking every client with a pulse and touring them around in my car every night and weekend.


I got very strategic and intentional, and I carefully cultivated a core database of 5-7 cash investors that were looking for great deals in the foreclosure and short sale market, and I found them those great deals month after month.


My investors were ecstatic, and I had a consistent, recurring pipeline of income without constantly marketing for new leads.


Basically, I had accidentally formed my first recurring revenue stream, and that was going to shape how my next (accidental) entrepreneurial venture would eventually run.


FAST FORWARD TO 2015...2 Kids and #TiredAF


By the time my body staged the mutiny that eventually resulted in me seeking a holistic nutrition certification to fix my own health, I had closed my real estate office due to a big interstate move for my husband’s career.


We had another baby by this time, and I had been livin’ the mom life while Greg (my husband) worked long hours running a large multi-state sales territory selling...wait for it


Oil pumping units in the Bakken oil field of Western North Dakota. *insert Beverly Hillbillies GIF here*


I feel like I need to give this seemingly unimportant detail because:


  1. Fracking is a polarizing topic and, as a rule, I never shy away from polarizing topics
  2. The 4 years we spent in North Dakota were an adventure that won’t soon be forgotten. I can tell you stories, my friend. I’ve seen things.
  3. Target was a 200 mile round trip. This detail feels relevant on so many levels.

At age 32, I found myself in what I now know to be a very common situation: My hormones were on strike, I wasn’t sleeping well, the baby weight was now officially “toddler weight” and it wasn’t budging no matter how much I exercised, and I felt like a super tired and overweight version of my formerly go-getter self. 


The rural North Dakota practitioner that ran labs assured me that there was nothing wrong (sound familiar??) and these symptoms were all just part of getting older. Cue the eye roll.


But, as previously mentioned, I was living in a rural area without the leisure of browsing Target to fill the time, so I did the next best thing and asked the internet how to fix me.


Long story short, I followed an Instagram hashtag (seriously) to the Nutritional Therapy Association website, which I immediately knew was where I was meant to be. 


It was like someone had cracked open my brain and created an entire program to teach me all the things I was trying to learn on my own in an effort to feed myself and my family better. I trusted my intuition and enrolled in the NTP 10 month certification program without a second thought.  


Here She Goes Again...


Imagine my surprise, 6 months later, when I found myself saying things like “I’m going to start a podcast.” and “I’m going to create an online course.”


Because I didn’t ever intend to do this as a business. Ever. I just wanted to heal myself and figure out how to get my mojo back. (Maybe you can relate..?)


I could never have predicted the impact that impulsive decision to enroll in the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification would have on my life.


Not just mine, but also my family’s. And as I started to get more and more fired about how how many people needed to know this information, I realized that the ripple effect was way bigger than my household. 


To say I was a new Paleo Prophet was an understatement. I pity the fool who made the critical error of going out to dinner with me. They were in for an earful.


In between rants about hydrogenated oils, I was saying these crazy things about podcasts and online courses as if I had any clue how to do them. Let’s be clear: I had no idea how to execute on either of those. 


I was (accidentally) starting a new business once again, and I was on fire!


I didn’t even have a website because it seemed really hard and I was pretty sure I needed an agency to do that for me, so I kept putting it off. I distinctly remember telling my husband I needed to allocate $5,000 for someone to make me a website.


Sidebar: Luckily for us, I had no clue what I was talking about and it doesn’t cost $5,000 to get a website. Fear not, my friend.


In less than a year from my first proclamations about healing the world with digital courses that I didn’t know how to create, I had a thriving 100% online nutritional therapy practice that was bringing in thousands of dollars in revenue each month.


From a DIY website that didn’t cost me $5,000. ;)


From that, I added a few more courses and started doing private 1:1 business mentoring for other practitioners who wanted to scale up their practice online. 


I was still experimenting with my own online offerings by doing webinars and challenges but I could tell that my students were getting “stuck” after their initial burst of progress in the beginning, which was really bothering me. 


I wanted them to experience life-changing results, not just short-term!


Then, as these things always do, I was introduced to a very specific training about incorporating an ongoing membership in lieu of one-off online courses at just the right time.


It was like the lightbulb of lightbulbs had gone off in my brain and I realized that what was missing from my online courses was ongoing support and accountability for the long term. Community.


My students didn’t need me to give them more information, they needed me to give them a way to stay connected and keep making progress when they were stuck or overwhelmed. They needed a community to support them!


Sidebar: How many of us have all the tools and information, but still struggle to implement that information on our own? *Raises my own hand*...gluten fiend, right here. 


So, obviously, I turned those online courses into a membership site where my members could support and help each other on an ongoing basis. (And, of course, I was there to help as well.)


It was awesome. They were getting better results and were cheering each other along every step of the way, and instead of constantly marketing for new students, I was able to go way deeper with fewer members because they were paying every single month. 


 I couldn’t have been more excited. Or so I thought.


After 2 years of being a business mentor and group leader for the new classes of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, I took another big leap and closed down my own profitable online nutrition practice so I could focus on helping other practitioners build theirs.


Curveball, am I right?!


These days, I help holistic practitioners structure their offers and services into a profitable membership model that provides consistent, recurring revenue every month and keeps your members making massive progress for the long-term.


I do this training inside my own membership site. It’s very meta. ;)


It would have been a very easy Zig to keep scaling up my nutrition membership, but I wanted to Zag and make a bigger impact with you, instead. That’s what really lights me up.


I can’t even help it, though. Have you done the StrengthsFinder assessment? My top 3 are Futuristic, Strategic and Activator. I can’t not geek out over online business strategy. It’s futile to resist it.

Why am I telling you all of this?


Because I want you to know that if there is a part of your soul that wants to find your people and deeply impact their health and their life, you can do it.  

You don’t need to know how it’s going to work, or how to do it, you just need to believe that it will work because you have a message to share and you’ll figure it out. 


Luckily for me, I had a decade of experience as an entrepreneur by the time I started my nutrition practice. I was very comfortable with the uncomfortable feeling of the unknown, because I had done it many times before.


It was comfortable to zig when others were zagging.


It was comfortable to tune out the self-doubt and keep moving forward even when it was screaming in my ear.


It was comfortable to set big goals with no fricken clue how I was going to figure out the next step to achieving them.


But those things might not be comfortable to you, yet. That’s ok. If you don’t have that belief in yourself quite yet, you can borrow mine…


Because I believe in you and the greater purpose of your journey. 


I know there’s a reason you’re reading this right now, and I can’t wait to see what you create next. 


In fact, if you’re in need of some inspiration, start writing your About Me story just like this one. Think about all the twists and turns that led you here, today. I bet you’ll have a new appreciation for that path that led you right exactly where you needed to be, even if you couldn’t see it at the time. 


(I know that Andrea circa 2006 who was living off of coffee and fast food and was dealing blackjack in an underground card club at the VFW...literally, it was underground in a weird basement...had to do that weird shit so she would evolve into the woman I am today who isn’t afraid to embarrass herself on the internet.) 

XX - Andrea

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