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I work with clients exclusively through my signature program, The Profitable Nutritionist. (Formally called Your Next $1K.)

Inside The Profitable Nutritionist Program, you'll learn exactly how to confidently grow your nutrition practice into a consistently profitable business with income you can count on.

Your enrollment includes lifetime access to the program materials, LIVE coaching and support for you every single week, and your results are 100% guaranteed.

Yep, you read that correctly: If you don't make your money back using my Repeatable Revenue Process, I'll personally refund every penny of your investment.

Enrollment opens up a few times each year. Join the waitlist to be notified about the next enrollment date and all details via email.

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"What I love about working with Andrea (among many, many things) is the recurring income I get each month from my membership.

Other benefits include an incredible community who speak life into each other, videos that I can rewatch over and over for specific strategy and accountability that encourages me to grow not just as an entrepreneur but also as a human.

I cannot recommend this program enough. It will change your business for the better."

- Sara L.

"Andrea's simple step by step method enabled me to successfully launch and make my first $1K in less than two months.

She gave me the tools and the confidence that I needed to make it happen and now I'm growing a thriving community and doing work that I love.

I honestly want to shout about this program from the rooftops! It literally changed my life and what's possible for me in my business. Worth every penny of my investment!"

- Talei L.

 "I have learned that building a business doesn’t have to be complicated. Start where you are with what you have and build as you go.

Starting a business at the start of a global pandemic no one would have blamed me if I quit. The thing about Andrea is she gives such honest, clear and reliable steps that you almost can't help but keep moving forward.

With Andrea as my guide I was able to stop coming from a place of insecurity and get brave in my abilities and my message. Potential clients picked up on this shift and I was able to go from $0-1K months quite quickly. In the year since starting this program I am now averaging $3K months.

Let the record state this is WHILE working a full time day job! This month I have officially quit that day job and am starting 2021 as a full time entrepreneur! Thanks Andrea! I am a fan for life!"

- Kyra O.

"I just finished the “start here” module and all I gotta say is A-MAZ-ING!!! I’m a stage 1er and am excited to go through the next module and decide, take action, and evaluate!

Andrea, I love how you’ve approached this program and the content is fabulous and super helpful right out of the gate as I knew it would be. Thanks for all you do, and appreciate the gentle but firm push for me to move forward and not hold back like I’ve been doing." 

- Lori L.

"My business has been positively impacted by the amount of time Andrea has saved me over the last year! It would have taken me ten times as long to figure everything out on my own without her guidance.

Her courses, especially her bonus mini-courses are my absolute fave - practical, easy to understand, and all of them have upleveled my business in meaningful ways." 

- Beth K.

"Andrea gave me the framework I needed to prioritize the things that would actually make me money in my nutrition business, and ditch the rest (simplify!).

She also helped me overcome my biggest mindset blocks, so I felt confident enough to stop trading time for dollars, raise my prices, and create recurring revenue in my business."

- Lexie S.

"I was able to make almost $2000 in the first three months, and launching finally makes sense to me now and I gained TONS of clarity around who I’m helping and what I’m helping them with rather than helping everyone with everything.

It made my content easier to write and my selling seamless!"

- Ashleen P.