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The Ultimate Tech Resource Guide For A Stress-Free and Profitable Nutrition Practice

These are the core tools, software and courses that I have used (and loved!) to grow my highly profitable holistic nutrition biz 100% online

Common Sense Disclaimer:

None of the tools or software out there will be perfect. There are pros and cons to each solution, but I'm going to save you the hassle of figuring out those pros and cons by just cutting to the very best options for a nutrition practice or wellness business based on all the different options I've experimented in my practice both online and offline. Deal? Ok, good.

The Best All-In-One Website + Biz Tool

If ease of use, great customer service when you need help, ZERO transaction fees, NO technology breakdowns, and great aesthetics are high on your list of priorities, look no further! Bonus: You can have your entire website and biz up and running and taking payments in just a few days (even if you're a technology-phobe). Seriously.


By far, the #1 tool in my business!  This is the platform I use to host my entire website, blog, online courses + membership sites, accept all payments from my students and members, build beautiful landing pages, run my entire email database, host webinars and live events for my members, seamless opt-ins that build my email list, and more. It's efficiency heaven and I never have to worry about different softwares not playing nice together, anymore! In fact, I'm so obsessed that I offer a FREE 1:1 strategy session with me to map out your entire website and offers on Kajabi so you can get paid before your first payment is due.  CLICK HERE to get started. I can't wait to help you create a profitable strategy for your business.

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The Best Time-Saving Tools

Quit wasting HOURS on repetitive tasks like graphic creation, logo and branding, and even making meal plans by letting the pros handle all of that!

that clean life

When I learned about this tool for creating super dietary-need-specific holistic nutritionist approved meal plans in minutes, complete with my own logo and branding, I couldn't wait to use them inside my nutrition membership site. This one investment has saved me hundreds of joke! I bet you'll love this resource just as much as me. (Because who actually likes creating meal plans? Bleh!) CLICK HERE to read more about using curated meal plans for recurring revenue in your practice.

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Searchie is going to blow your mind. Truly. 
Have you ever been frustrated with how hard it is make your video or audio content searchable? (Facebook Lives, YouTube videos, member tutorials, online course videos, Podcast episodes, etc...)
Searchie automatically indexes and transcribes your video and audio and makes it searchable! Which means with a word or phrase entered in the search bar, Searchie will find exactly where you said those words or phrases and cue up the videos or audio in exactly the right spot. Go check it out ASAP!

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The free version of Canva will be your marketing BFF. This is where you'll create beautiful graphics for your website, social media, PDF's, and more. Pro Tip: Have a freelancer from create branded graphic templates for you in Canva that you can copy and edit from for all your social media and graphic needs. This will keep everything super easy for you and your feeds and website will stay cohesive and recognizable. Winning!

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the otter app

Do you find it difficult to write copy or make your webpages, emails, or social media posts sound like "you"? I sure do....which is why I use the FREE app to draft my written copy. I just open up a new note and speak into the app, conversationally, and say exactly what I want as the app transcribes it to text in real time. I then copy and paste that text into my email or webpage and polish it up from there. Life Changing!!

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The Best Project + Time Management Tools

I might be a bit partial, because completed checklists are like an aphrodisiac to me, but here are the only organization tools you need for your entire biz


Trello is THE BEST (and Free!) organizational + project management tool to use when you're starting out with your wellness business. (And yes, shameless plug, I give all the tips and tricks in the Take Charge With Trello mini course linked in this section!)

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For scheduling client meetings or appointments, I highly recommend Calendly. (And they even have a free version!) This tool allows you to set your available appointment times and link to your calendar so your clients can book their own time slot with you without any back-and-forth emailing or phone calls. Efficiency for the win!

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The Best Courses I Have Invested In

everything ever created from Andre Chaperon

Here's something you should know about me: I don't like to "launch" or do big, stressful promotional periods. It stresses me out and I feel like it's there has to be a better way. Turns out THERE IS a better way to market and create raving fans online without crazy launches or billions of social media followers. Andre Chaperon has it all figured out, which is why I have happily purchased everything he sells and even teach his genius ways inside The Inner Circle! I'm being intentionally vague about what magic awaits...go check it out here and click around a bit. See if you're a fan. (Warning: The Autoresponder Madness 2 free email marketing course I linked to will change your life.)

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brand build blog

I'm a superfan of this course because it is the very first investment I made in my nutrition biz when I didn't even know what an email list was. (And within 30 days I had a beautiful SquareSpace website that I created myself and was collecting email subscribers. Yay!) If you're creating a website from scratch for your nutrition business and Kajabi isn't in your budget (see above), and have ZERO clue on how to structure or beautify it (much less optimize it for client conversions) let Ashley teach you all the easy DIY tricks  **Use Coupon Code ANDREAN for $100 off

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Ok, Ok...And one more BONUS List for my Fellow Readers

I have linked up a few of my very favorite Business, Productivity, and Personal Development BOOKS below. Enjoy!


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